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  • bigbrothernaija_liveupdatesSucker for tears #bbnaija

  • olakunleyusuffNa so love is be you can fall in love anytime, am also in love wit TBoss just like dat.
  • mikky_jess_Allow her please ....they were good friends
  • pinixyNa friendship cry she dey cry o
  • _blackhighnessHa bisola can cry oh
  • mercygolddIf na tboss now all haters go abuse her
  • fa_ee_dahI feel like slapping her back to reality...😣😣😣
  • chocol8Cry cry baby. 😂😂😂
  • lavioda16Dis one na just mumu, I sorry for u.
  • babe4real_Bisola u are very sick 😷
  • udo.nsePple saying if na tboss they go abuse am, thank God u knw, bisola does not just cry unnecessary, infact this is d first time i am seeing her cry, and this just shows how nice and a friendly heart she's got. Atleast She was not a backstabber who would nominate tony and then cry like dis. This is d time i ll vote more for her. Much love bisola, u ve a sincere and true heart, u dont backstab ur friends.
  • francheska_divaWhat RUBBISH!
  • iamfaithidowuThis real heartbreak I'm sure what ever she was doing with bally was to get at ttt for showing tboss some love deep down her heats belongs to ttt ...
  • iamfaithidowuI'm not sure ttt wife is crying as much as this even tho her hubby did not come home with the money @bigbrothernaija_liveupdates
  • stega__Someone said "this is to show how nice and friendly at heart she is" lmao.... story for the gods
  • stega__She should kuku take a voluntary leave to go and join him.....with his family! #kpakam!!
  • stega__@mulatas.haircare will you say same if it was tboss? Just asking
  • mulatas.haircare@stega_ this post is about bisola..i am kinda one of her fans hence i commented. I dont comment about Tboss i aint her fan dear. Her fans will do tha. Thank u
  • chidimaochonga@stega__ abi o
  • stega__@chidimaochonga my dear!!
  • tmayeniHelp me ask her o @taymmiegurl
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