#NickiInLONDON my 2nd home!!!! 😛😍🎀🇬🇧 it's FREEZING COLD OUT HERE!!!!!! ❄️☃️
  • nickiminaj#NickiInLONDON my 2nd home!!!! 😛😍🎀🇬🇧 it's FREEZING COLD OUT HERE!!!!!! ❄️☃️

  • bunnymaskgrande@aesndelrey 👍🙌
  • bunnymaskgrande@ms.jordan69 no it's real fur ! 😩😔
  • aesndelrey@naemuni.x nope I'm vegetarian since 5 years stop judging 🖕🏻
  • bunnymaskgrande@aesndelrey Yas I hate people like that who defend people who wear fur ! 😷
  • bunnymaskgrande@naemuni.x Nah I'm fulled by veg actually and unlike herself I am not cruel and do not wear animals or eat them ! 😘☺️
  • bunnymaskgrande☺️😘 ( sarcastic btw )
  • munii.deex@bunnymaskgrande @aesndelrey if she wants to wear fur then let her do that, you don't get to decide what people do. Commenting on her picture won't stop her from wearing her FUR. animals are being killed all over, and you can't stop it by arguing on INSTAGRAM, goodbye.
  • aesndelrey@naemuni.x but she inspires people to do it , and fuck off you dumb shithead you probably don't know how the animals get killed ... just fuck off you don't need to answer this comment bc I'll bloc you I don't wanna waist my time anymore whit such dumb persons like you are
  • pvalanciaAlo to
  • bunnymaskgrande@naemuni.x Ugh it's inhumane and disgusts me that people like her are ok with wearing dead animal , the fur belongs to the animals not us !!!! You wouldn't like to see , nor would you see someone wearing human skin coats or human hair ? No that's ridiculous we'll animal fur is exactly the same . I can't be asked with dumb people who don't give a fuck , if me and @aesndelrey feel the same way about fur then we can comment , we just get pissed off with dumb shits goodbye ! 😒
  • munii.deex@bunnymaskgrande animals are meant to serve us, we can't go living off pasta & lettuce, bye sis.
  • bunnymaskgrande@naemuni.x It's healthier and at least I won't have health problems unlike you , and I'm not your sis bye bish xx
  • imellda.__Follback
  • jayquon412😻󾓧
  • yungg.schino🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  • queenimvni@naemuni.x lmfaooooo
  • victoria28.08FUCK YOU ANIMAL ABUSER!!!
  • love_laede.gaga🙏🙏
  • anastasiamagganas♐🐐"Stay in school until yall graduate🎓." (Except for me) 😂
  • theloveshaqI love you 🎀♥️
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