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  • teamvisiondojoGreat having @BPMattMorgan back #training. #TeamVision member since '07
    Snapchat: chasynrance
    #ProWrestling #Orlando

  • bpmattmorgan@teamvisiondojo I can't thank you enough #ChasynRance for always willing to help me with anything I need help with. In the past whether that be coming back from injury,or me taking three years off from the ring LOL, and or whatever, this guy is always down with always trying to help guys and girls in the business get better. You have to be a moron to live near this facility at teen vision dojo and not getting trained by him. He may be the first Ressler I've ever met who does not seem to be cognizant of his own Bumgard LMAO which makes for a fantastic and heat drill partner lol. Do you knows his shit, is my point and you'd be lucky to be able to pick his brain
  • bpmattmorgan@teamvisiondojo OK so my voice to text give me a call my phone absolutely blows! As demonstrated above. It was meant to read obviously team vision dojo and wrestler not reseller, and bump card not bumgard. Christ almighty how annoying lol. My pointman is anyone living in the Orlando area, this is literally the only independent company that puts on their own shows, that has always found a way to thrive and stay relevant when independents have all fallen off by the wayside over the years.
  • bkord123Why is this half-ass ring 4 feet by 4 feet?
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