• sad13thank you everyone who came to see #sad13 at sxsw / can't believe we made it through 9 shows alive / hauling ass to play atlanta at @badearl tonight with @__.stef / we're exhausted but thankful 📸 @tesscagle

  • cloudnothingsgo...to bed
  • _alfredaramirez_😍💪
  • hernameisaliI think when I was in Vivian Girls we did 17 or 18 sxsw shows in 3-4 days. Highly ill advised.
  • sad13@hernameisali yeah i've done that hustle before. but never also combined it with broken gear lost gear crashed van food poisoning lost wallet/phone trying to remember all of the other horrors of this week lol
  • hernameisali@sad13 woof I do not envy you
  • gljaguarI'm sad I didn't get to see you!!! :-(
  • tesscagle❤️ that you like this photo — I took it & would greatly appreciate proper cred in your caption 😊 thank you + just want you to know that your set was great (especially all things considered!)
  • sad13@gljaguar me too :( :(
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