• mrsb_ldnI don't buy it because it's "guilt free" - I don't normally feel guilty about food (it's just food, not kicking a puppy), but this just tastes very nice. #oppo #oppoicecream #lucumaicecream

  • annatheappleblogI love this ice cream. Feels a lot lighter to eat in an evening as well. The mint one is good too.
  • christaleenaohh...dairy-free?
  • fordjoanne00I'm addicted to the mint
  • michaelvanareyYep! 👊 🔥
  • mrsb_ldn@christaleena Nope, just sweetened with stevia.
  • kryofitsport😄
  • oppoicecreamAh amazing to hear you buy it for the taste! We don't believe healthy ice cream should be a compromise when it comes to the flavour, sweetness and texture so this feedback is awesome to hear. :D
  • cotswoldclaireOne scoop wouldn't be enough for me How many in the tub, 10 sounds good to me
  • mrsb_ldn@cotswoldclaire one tub has 3 servings for me 😀
  • donna_deI just looked at it yesterday but I'm not into stabilisers, unless we are talking joint stability and core muscles 😉
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