• lunaparkWeek 11 of #artinadplaces brings us a collaborative work by @jessxsnow & Jordan Alam, an activist and writer.

    Jess says that they made they work "in response to the recent anti-immigrant executive orders and as a love letter to the Muslim immigrant community." And Jordan wrote this statement: "'To Allah we belong and to Allah we return' is a rough translation of the dua said at someone’s death. Blessed is this temporary cycle. We are part of a long lineage, a history of others who have dreamed us into being (as Walidah Imarisha puts it in the introduction to Octavia’s Brood). We are ourselves complete and also part of this larger whole and while we are impermanent, we are irreplaceable. Remember that you have the hands of ancestors at your back, and the duty to dream of the generations ahead of you." 11/52 #adtakeover #nobannowall #immigrantswelcome #ourancestorsdreamedofus

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