• ferment.worksArk of apples 🍎
    This a tiny fraction of the work that has been happening locally to "pollinate" local orchards with rare, unusual, and Anthracnose resistant #apples. There is an orchard that is the life work of Nick Bottner that contains thousands of varieties of apples and other fruit from across the planet. Nick can no longer care for it and the future of this #appleark is unknown and already the orchard has been hit with blight. The beauty is a collection of #scionwood has been gathered from many of the trees and is being passed to stewards of small orchards throughout the region. We visited Nick years ago and grafted 100 #cider varieties back then. We'd always been disappointed that our #redstreak didn't take. And now out of the blue another opportunity for the red streak and others, thanks to @ridgelinemeadowsfarm !! I sift through the #scion wood I honestly was picking by intriguing names as I have no other way to know. Some fall day these will be glorious surprises. (And we'll have to wait even longer than most ferments to know 😉)
    #hardcider #homesteadlife #savingdiversity #orchard #grafting #graftingfordiversity #patience #nowwewait #apple #🍎

  • shibaguyz@ferment.works Have y'all ever talked apples with the folks at Rockridge Orchards? They have some crazy ancient apple varieties that sound just like this.
  • lordcommander@greekalicious
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