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  • yogarobin108People ask me lately how to heal their aching lower backs with yoga. My answer aside from obvious misalignment and misengagement of muscles is to use your core (bandhas), drishti (focused gaze), go slowly, find your deep inhales and deep exhales. If you put all of your focus on performing a physical posture, whether it's a backbend, forward bend, arm balance, etc., you put unnecessary strain on your strongest body parts. There is more to it, of course. But in general, use your whole body and let your practice guide you. (Slow motion jump back from Krounchasana). #ashtangayoga #integrativehealth

  • boogielitaLooks so cool!!!
  • yogarobin108@boogielita glad you like, Lita... i'd love to do yoga with you some time if you want, by the way.
  • faernBeautiful!
  • chakradevPerfect flow
  • yogarobin108@faern thanks so much... ;)
  • yogarobin108@chakradev slomo makes it look better ;)
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