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  • grahamsthefamilydairyFish Tacos with Sour Cream & Cheese  by @threesistersbake

    Fish 3 fillets of sustainable white fish- haddock, cod, coley 4 tspn Cajun seasoning 1 lime zest and juice ½ tsp coconut oil

    Salsa 2 vine tomatoes, deseeded and diced ½ red onion very finely sliced 1 lime zest and juice 25g chopped coriander 1 tspn soft brown sugar Malden salt to taste

    Topping ¼ iceberg lettuce, roughly chopped 4 tbspn Graham’s Dairy natural yoghurt 100g Graham’s Dairy mature or extra mature cheddar, grated 2 avocado, chopped in to 1cm chunks.

    To Serve 8 mini flour tortillas or taco shells 1 lime to serve

    Step 1
    Combine all the salsa ingredients ahead of time and set aside to let the flavours come together and deepen. Preheat oven to 100 degrees.

    Step 2
    Cover the top of each fish fillet with a good layer of the Cajun spices.

    Step 3
    Heat a frying pan over a medium to high heat and brush over with the coconut oil. When the pan is hot, add the fish, unseasoned side down. Fry for 3 minutes, then turn to seasoned side. Fry for a further 4 minutes. Fish should be just cooked through and the seasoned side beginning to blacken nicely.

    Step 4
    While the fish is frying, put the tortillas or taco shells in the oven to warm gently.

    Step 5
    Remove fish from pan allow to cool slightly, then slice in to ½ cm strips.

    Step 6
    Load each tortilla or taco shell with iceberg lettuce, avocado pieces, salsa, cooked fish, drizzle of yogurt and sprinkling of cheddar. Serve with wedges of lime.

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