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  • drplanoTummy tuck. Watch it on snap chat @drplano #tummytuck #skin #lipo #wow #amazing #spa #instagood #instabeauty #dallas #texas #houston #plano

  • sherrinichelson79My doc @angeliascottdunbar
  • botrooqI did liposuction in my stomach area three times and the fat start coming in other areas of my body witch I don't like and it is bothering me. Is there any way or technique to get the fat grow back to my stomach area just like before? Because I start to be fat every where in my body were before my fat only in my stomach use to be
  • drplano@botrooq In general you don't want to gain weight after liposuction. The weight gain will go to other areas of the body that was not liposuctioned. Try to lose weight and exercise to remove the unwanted fat.
  • botrooqYes doctor you are right but the problem is that I have knee problem I can't do exercise like before I been told to take it easy on my knees and the fat elsewhere it hard to go back, hips, neck, arms and butt
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