• breesahAlmost five years in and the accidental matching keeps getting better and better. 😎❤️🙌🏼👫
    I posed weird in the third picture we took and said, "Ooof. I'm going to have to stand behind you." I ran beside him to beat the self-timer and he moved his arms forward. I was a little confused until we checked the picture and he asked if he did a good job covering me. 😍😂😍 Cory doesn't always get my need to take so many pictures, but he stands there and smiles and helps me get a shot I'm happy with. He's the best instagram husband and an even better regular husband. ILY, BOO!!

  • kaylageddes😂 best story
  • heidiseloverGOALS
  • hollyannerichardsLooking pretty fly 😎😏👌🏽
  • fromhead2toe#slaaaaaaaaaaaay. The more a's the bettah.
  • fromhead2toeAnd I want to do a wall like this on our stair landing. Where are these frames from?
  • kaylacstastnyWhat a champ!!!!
  • mariag.xoYou look amazing prima !
  • tara_obyCuteness 😘😘
  • alliekowallisWhat a keeper! And I love this picture!
  • rachfrakesYour hair is so "medium Beyoncé" in this pic 💁🏻
  • abbimbayO M G THIS PIC
  • danicaruggYeah, everything about this is amazing.
  • missblaser😂 what a good hubby!
  • socanaryPower couple
  • elmosweetySee if I said I needed to stand behind him, he'd pin me in front of him. #bigbrothers Haha.
  • breesah@kelsiropelato hahahah I KNEW you were going to say something.
  • breesah@meredithtutt it's not as glam you think, but one day! When it's all clean!!
  • breesah@fromhead2toe the frames are from IKEA!!! I love them.
  • breesah@rachfrakes she had the best hair so THANK YOU
  • breesah@elmosweety hahahah
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