• eastforkpotteryDolores Huerta. Patti Smith. Audre Lorde. Hillary Clinton. Edith Wharton. Taslima Nasrin. bell hooks. Marsha P Johnson. Tomoe Gozen. Margaret Sanger. Janet Mock. Frida Kahlo. Louise Bourgeois. Terrie Coady. Linda Hoffman. Deborah Vigeland...just a few names from a long list of women whose chutzpah, smarts, courage and spirit inspire us every single day. (Okay, don’t feel bad if those last three don’t ring a bell; they’re our moms - who all happen to be total badasses.) We have a feeling many of you agree that Women and their contribution to our society should be celebrated, honored, and considered 365 days a year - not just during Women’s History Month. Still, we’re spending extra brainspace lately learning about and listening to women and thinking of ways to make our own community a more equitable place to live.
    And we want to know: who are the powerhouse women who inspire you? We want to hear about them! Tell us their story for a chance to win something special from the East Fork workshop, and we’ll feature some of our favorites in next month’s newsletter. 💪🏼 And yes, I know I've shared this photo of our Apprentice turned Production Manager @hollomoncookceramics before, but I'd get it tattooed on my face if I could cuz it's so good, so here it is again. #womenshistorymonth #sunsoutgunsout #smallbutmighty #thefutureisfemale 🖤

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  • celestecorrinemy dear friend @awhett is such an inspiration to me! she has created so much change within our community through her work at a nonprofit that focuses on economic development. audrey's constantly trying to better herself through all these amazing and prestigious leadership opportunities she finds, and has introduced me to some wonderful opportunities (especially for young women interested in social justice💛) in the process. her strength and confidence in herself are some of the things i admire most about her, and she's never scared to step toe to toe with men twice her age. in addition to her powerful career choices, she's a hell of a friend and i am so grateful to have stumbled upon each other on our little paths. audrey just hosted the nc main street conference in our little town (over 600 visitors!!) and i'd love to help her celebrate its success with just a little more recognition of how awesome she is ✨
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  • darice_veri@eastforkpottery A few years ago I had a student whose family mirrored my own. Her grandmother is an American married to a Japanese man. They have lived their entire married life in Japan. Which means that her grandmother had to have settled in Japan sometime in the 1950s. To say that this was unheard of at the time is beyond an understatement. I would go on wild tangents thinking about her life and what it had to have been like. Two brave souls, one mighty connection. The tenacity of it inspired and humbled me and I often told my student that I would love to meet her grandmother. One day, without warning, this lovely couple came to see the studio where their granddaughter was studying ceramics. Upon introduction, I blurted out that the grandmother was my hero!!! She demurred but was understanding as I explained why. My student has long since gone and I never saw her grandmother again. Without knowing, certainly without intention, and just by example, she showed me that possibility exists, sometimes, simply because we want it to.
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  • valvanuzruizSólo una reflexión: las mujeres somos, por lo menos, la mitad de la población mundial, tenemos mucho más poder del que creemos, no tenemos que esperar a que nos concedan ningún derecho, sólo debemos exigir que se respeten los derechos que ya tenemos. Puede que en África esto sea más difícil, pero en Europa no. Recientemente un eurodiputado se atrevió a manifestar en la misma cámara que refrendo los derechos humanos,, que las mujeres éramos más pequeñas, más débiles y menos inteligentes y por ello, debíamos cobrar menos. Nuestro poder reside en que todas las eurodiputadas se podrían unir y negarse a entrar a la cámara hasta que esté representante de millones de europeos que no respeta los derechos humanos fuera expulsado e inhabilitado de por vida.
  • awhett@celestecorrine I'm so honored!! Thank you for your sweet words! 💛
  • mswood1300The most amazing woman i know? She inspires me and motivates me every moment with her words..her thoughts and her actions. Her strength and will are beyond words..her heart and passion for her works..family..and beliefs make her who she is. Everyday this is who i have in my heart when i tackle my day. Amanda Hollomon Cook..my daughter and my friend and the most inspiring woman i know👣
  • dr.debs.potsI do love this photo! How about Charlotte Perkins Gilman? She's intrigued me since I was a Women's Studies minor at Brandeis 38 years ago.
  • folsonclubMy Mother... Floralean Edwards. Yes!
  • ravenvigSo honored for the mention! My hat is off to two incredible women I have been fortunate enough to share my life with - our daughters, Christine and Sarah. These young women have never taken no for an answer. They set lofty goals and then moved mountains to achieve. When life knocks them down, they take he time they need to grieve & regroup, then get right back up and see only the way forward. I'm so proud of them and amazed at the human beings they have become.
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