• juliegolobWe just went to pet the baby goats and came home with a new chicken. I swear it wasn't even me who wanted to add to the brood but when a chicken roosts on your shoulder like a golden eagle/Phoenix/parrot, you know he has chosen you... or your hubby ;) We named him #genghis

  • amt_556Oh man, once I show the kids this you'll be son's favorite shooter too. My daughter already loves you. My son loves chickens.
  • fmjprivatepyleGood luck, we have never had any luck bringing another/second rooster into the flock. Its always ended up very bloody. Good luck.
  • marshalldillon823Beautiful job Julie
  • kbos34He's beautiful!!
  • cowboy45_110Wow! Those feathers on the back of its neck are great for more Flys for fishing ! I like to make my own Flys and fish besides shooting. I have too many hobbies! Lol!
  • sdelsonI would have brought that little cute goat home as well
  • socaldeereLet Me know how it goes bringing a new chicken into the flock I have 7 chicks I am brooding
  • socaldeereAnd I have 4 grown hens
  • icedfreakinteaHe has a beard!
  • elijah18chaiHi friend I haven't been able to log into my face book but I am following you on Twitter and YouTube and now IG 😉😆
  • wolfhollowtacticalWe have one very similar. His feathers look like flames as well!! 👍👍
  • tmarsh83I'm halfway hoping one of my EE pullets turns out to be a roo. I need a new one.
  • wolfman4570@juliegolob you need to add a brahma to your flock!
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