Yesterday, I had the joy of hosting a group of women for a spring brunch. (Shoutout to @canyonglutenfree's #wideloaf Heritage bread for helping make the Spinach Artichoke Strata recipe I developed a complete success!! I think this will be my signature brunch dish from now on. Message me if you want the recipe.) /// After hours of enjoying food and fellowship together, the women grabbed their coats and gave me a hug before heading out the door. "We really need to do this more often!" they all said, and I couldn't have agreed more. Before they left we talked about our culture, and how it discourages community and makes it hard to find time to be together. In a world that seems to value hard work more than it values relationships, sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get a group of people together anymore. Our conversation got me thinking ... while all of this may be true ... what if we MADE time for each other? What if we stood up to our cultural norms, drew a line in the sand and said, "enough is enough! I will make time for others!"? What if we opened up our homes and hearts to each other to help one another through this life? In my eyes, I see more healing, laughter, love and peace. I see more stratas, fruit platters and doughnuts. And I see more people being drawn back to Jesus -- back to the creator and sustainer who created us to do life together in the first place. And that's a beautiful thing. /// What's one way you can foster community this week?
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