• briestarrUnfortunately we are having some major technical problems with our Pink Peach Instagram account, which @instagram wrongfully disabled. 😠I've already had so many people asking what happened to our account, so we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to have things resolved soon. In the meantime, you can still shop our online store, which I've linked in my profile. Thanks!!

  • jenharrisonWhat!? Ugh.. 🙄 Hoping it gets fixed fast!!
  • briestarr@jenharrison ugh it's sooo frustrating!!!
  • rayobellaWell that's a bummer. 😑
  • briestarr@rayobella so frustrating. And I'm finding that @Instagram is terrible at customer service... 🙄
  • aweiersOh no!! So sorry friend 🙁
  • susabellagiftsBeautiful pic
  • instastyle_deGreat!
  • natesteel777That happened to our business account too. Even with proof it was ours, they never got back to us, so we had to make a new one. Hopefully they fix yours!
  • briestarr@natesteel777 ugh, really? I'm learning that their customer service is terrible... I was thinking I might have to make a new one. And hope it doesn't happen again!
  • natesteel777Yeah, there is no one to actually speak with. We proved that our address and personal info and email matched the account, and we got an email back saying that wasn't enough proof. It's frustrating there isn't an actual human to speak with.
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