• gunforhireThis week on Gun For Hire Radio #303 NJ Lawmakers do not represent us, they resent us! #radio #gunforhireradio http://gunforhire.com/blog/2017/03/19/gun-hire-radio-b…cast-episode-303/

  • dynamic_combat_solutionsAmen!!
  • factorjayFunny thing is they didn't make the law. Clearly did not make 2C:58-4 and when they say NJAC 13:54-2.24d(the Siccardi Rule) is legislative intent they are either stupid or lying.
  • gunforhire@factorjay both
  • factorjayTrue. Sometimes I wonder how they can be so dishonest and so stupid, but in reality, it has been the fault of our side to allow this nonsense to happen since 1971.
  • fallingc0c0nutHi Anthony!!! 😄
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