• dasocialclimberI am torn how I will write about India. Is it for too many animals? trash? the chaos? or the scams? or the unexpected turn of events? .
    As I challenged myself to visit places country after country, I tried to open my eyes to see the world with its flaws and differences. Not because, the country didnt turn out the way we expected it, doesn't mean it is not a good destination to visit.
    India, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. I'm still coming for more when I get the chance.
    #india #travel #traveldiaries #jaipur

  • aubreyheyyjust write as honestly as you can. excited! 😊
  • fiercetravel😄
  • fotographiyaWhatever you write @dasocialclimber you will always have avid readers... Like me!
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