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  • janetstoneyogaWhat are you aligning with?

    In yoga we spend an exceptional amount of time looking for proper alignment. We hear do’s and don’ts, some musts and a few nevers. Depending on the tradition, these “rules” may utterly oppose what’s being taught just down the street.
    One tradition may say “Never this” and the other says “Always that.” Many teachers, through trust in their teachers, and their own understanding of anatomy, movement, the human form, and self-exploration, tell others how to stand, which muscles to engage, what to spin, firm, relax, lengthen, yet, I’ve noticed that within this bag of bones, skin, connective tissue is a human.
    A human that has been handed down a particular set of DNA and is having a human experience in the embodied form they’re inhabiting. Sometimes that body is open and other times it is closed, tensing, grieving, celebrating, enlivened or exhausted. Within that is the Atman (the soul) of this being.
    When we try to describe or convey alignment, we’re really looking to find the greatest vitality and most amount of ease in our being. This makes space to experience the most amount of integration and connection in our own body and clears a pathway for a mind–heart harmony.

    In other words, it’s ultimately not about where we put our hands or how we rotate our thighs. It’s about the experience as an energetic being. It’s about a taste of what it feels like to be whole.

    Our body’s carry an innate wisdom—this wisdom that lives in our cells. Our wholeness. Our full humanity.
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