• blairblogsI'm working my way through this book slowly and tears have accompanied every chapter so far. The truths and stories shared are like peace-bringing soul-hugs. If you've ever felt "less than, left out, or lonely" (so, if you're a person), I highly recommend these words. ❤ #uninvited

  • aliceandmeekaIt's on my booklist for this year already. Wow.. sounds like a refining book 😊😘
  • juliearankinThis is on my list!!
  • ericawallace1I am currently in chapter 11 and have enjoyed every word! I too am taking it slow. I find myself closing the book thinking "wow, that was deep!"
  • ilovegracie17I'm reading this... and it's taken me a while because #college but I do really love it
  • abigailmargaretlI just ordered this and can't wait to read it!!
  • catelesourdReading it now as well!!
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