Alba, self-portrait.
  • ravynstadickAlba, self-portrait.

  • quinnlymePretty sure she drew an enemy from Mario 2 on the NES.
  • ravynstadick@quinnlyme Bahahaha!!!!
  • ravynstadick@quinnlyme The reality of the drawing isn't as cool as that. It's "white people dreads". (She is a big fan of the woman who works at Laughing Planet, who has long dreads) ... she like like "Now I can sit on my hair too, like my friend." 😂
  • quinnlyme@ravynstadick Someday she'll be old enough to be sick of accidentally eating stray strands of hair, nevermind sit on.
  • emilykatharinephotoShe is the cutest!!! 😍😍😍
  • jimstadickMan. She's just so beautiful. I can't help but smile whenever I see a photo of her. And then I get all sad and happy and excited to see her grow. Parenting is freaking hard. And I'm glad I've got you on my team. I love you.
  • cavemancafevanYou deserve more followers...
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