• makedoandpush• T U E S D A Y •
    Today has been awesome 🙌🏻 We had a lovely sunny walk into the village, found 6 bunches of tulips for £3 at the florist (our local florist is fantastic 🌷), the children picked out fruit at the greengrocer without prompting and then quietly sat and ate it on a bench (Henry consumed a fair amount of banana skin too 😬) and then we baked a cake this afternoon... I guess this is what is considered as a #halftermwin?! We even managed to watch a train go past👆🏻... much to their glee 💛 I do love a day where you can sit down in the evening and say "I got it right today" - they are so very rare in parenthood 😂

  • dilan_andmeLove a half term win, not sure about the banana skin though haha
  • thelittlestdarlingsI want cheap flowers! 😩😂
  • alanababyholidayThat's a definite half term win!
  • gillybirdkidsMy Little L likes to eat orange skin! He cries when I try to peel them first 🍊
  • wishesandwelliesBig half term win! Stunning photo I love this one!
  • corneliusblogWow that is a win of a day!
  • rachelanne_beeSounds like a great day!
  • mollyjforbes£3 bunches of tulips? I'm jealous!
  • gingermumblogA true pic of childhood joy!
  • joannabayfordSounds a busy but great day
  • littlebandme7You take the best images 😍
  • makedoandpush@mollyjforbes £3 for 6 bunches!
  • yorkshiretotsWhat a lovely photo!
  • rachelrimellphotographySounds idyllic - I don't ever have days like this! If I make it through the day without my two totally destroying either the house or each other I feel I've done well! Lovely pic too.
  • someone_s_mumDefinitely a half term win!
  • amytreasureblogI LOVE this pic so much xx
  • iamalisonperryBargain tulips! Love it. 🌷
  • tattooedtealadyErmmmm, can I have your florist please?! That's a right old bargain!xo
  • thisenchantedpixieSounds a great day
  • countryheartdebSounds like a half term win to me!
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