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  • mechanicalhubI didn't see a dead tie coming at all.
    Admittedly I've sang the praises of the @milwaukeetool M12 FUEL impact for quite some time. It's a compact powerhouse of sorts. I've even gone in record saying I thought the @boschtoolsna was underpowered. To be clear, the EC Brushless Bosch impact (PS42 12V) is very well made and solid as a rock I've always felt it was just short of great but I think that is due to the battery pack instead of the impact capabilities. 🔧

    These are both Brushless, both have identical 1" Irwin tri-tip Speedbor bits. I'm drilling thru two 2X's stacked to simulate a stud wall. This is a regular use for me when drilling out for a water line or two. Both are running a 2.0Ah battery pack, fully charged. Both are in speed 2 of 2. The result is a dead on tie and I wouldn't have predicted that. 🔧

    The Milwaukee performance is increased when mated to the 4.0Ah or 6.0Ah pack and would undoubtedly win this fight. I'd love to see a larger capacity battery for the Bosch.

  • mechanicalhub.
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  • toolpigCool! I love it when I'm surprised!
  • bricoleur_design_jax@mechanicalhub Bosch as a 4.0ah big pack. I have one, available at HD and Lowe's online, some Lowe's have in store. There is also a 2.5ah small pack out now.
  • bricoleur_design_jaxAnd Bosch is releasing a 6.0ah 12v pack in Europe which will make it over to NA at some point.
  • mechanicalhub@bricoleur_design_jax I had no idea! I'll check it out. With a larger pack this impact would be a worthy adversary.
  • putz_it_intest the bosch 12v hack saw :(
  • jj_flooringNot surprised Bosch drills are amazing
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