• danielleadairzIt's time for #TheImperfectBoss campaign again!
    Guys, I am STILL recovering from my trip last week. So if you're waiting for an email from me, I promise I'll get to it soon...but in the meantime, this is me soaking up the unseasonably warm weather and struggling to stay awake..
    Balancing my energy is always the hardest part of running my business. Being an introvert doesn't mean I say no to things like giving presentations... I just have to plan some time off afterward. I dont always do the besy job of that, sadly... --------
    Who else can relate?

  • roughdraftsolutionsSo interesting! Thank you for sharing!! I am an extrovert but get ridiculously nervous for presentations at least three days beforehand.
  • broganmicallefYes! Except I also get exhausted after a week of calls and coffee chats.
  • modern.pixie😉
  • talkingshrimpnycMeee too! I have to block out calendar buffers on either side. Same recovery time if I were run over by a cement mixer truck.
  • itskimmie_baby
  • maggimcdonald.art.designI am exactly the same! I'm an introvert and it takes so much of my energy being around people. Just need to embrace we need extra recovery time💛
  • jessicarasdallIt's so real. I call this the "presentation hang over" and agree... it's difficult not to schedule yourself to jump back into action after. 🙈
  • exslothI'm the same! And it isn't just work studded either. I went on a hike with friends all day in Saturday and I had to barricade myself in my room for two days to recover after all the socializing 😅 thank goodness it was a long weekend 😂
  • rlm.w#oklatte
  • danielleadairz@jessicarasdall In general I always call the feeling an introvert hangover! Sooo real.
  • danielleadairz@rlm.w Accurate. #cantfunction
  • danielleadairz@exsloth That definitely happens to me too! I'm so glad I can connect with others who get it 😆
  • danielleadairz@talkingshrimpnyc hahaha yes. Im getting better about blocking out the extra time. It's frustrating when people don't get it, but I'm glad I can connect with you all who do!
  • danielleadairz@broganmicallef Same here for calls and meetings! That's one reason I limit my business coaching clients and do more behind-the-scenes work.
  • danielleadairz@porterlovescreative Haha exactly! Except for the occasional coffee date when we have enough reserved energy 😉
  • brittneyllynnOmg I SO need I manage my energy better. When I go out for a meet up or something, I need to stay in the next few days to recover!
  • apollineadiju😅😅😅 wow that much! Honestly i don't know if i can give one and successfully glide till the end🙈
  • rlm.w@danielleadairz it's my new reply to any decision I can't make
  • courtbourtincThis is the best. So true.
  • shesmoniqueYes!
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