"Hey Kaylie, just a head's up, me McKayla, Kylie, Kelly, and Kayla are just now leaving the Pacsun at the Orange Park Mall (we all got new dad hats  lol), and we should be up at Brew in like 20 mins to grab a soda and a chai ☕️. We may only stay for a few minutes 🕢 though, we want to get over to Bold Bean pretty soon so we can meet up with Jordan and Trey👥 to smoke some American Spirits out back 🚬. Oh and don't eat anything because we all wanna go to Al's 🍕 later, except for Kylie of course since she's being a vegan 🥒🥕🌽 again even though she broke veg 🥗like a month ago at Jimmy Johns 🙄, so she's grabbing a wrap and a water at grass roots. See you later, basic💋!! Lol 😂"
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