"The Pin-Up Look" [link to the full article in the bio!] 🎀 In the picture on the right by @gregorymichaelking I'm wearing a Valentino top, Max Mara skirt and Wittchen shoes.💕Pin-Up girl, all sugary sweet like a cheesecake, smiling scantily-clad, seemingly doe-eyed innocents like Betty Grable, who’s images were pinned to the walls of auto-shops and factories across America and were meant to make the soldiers of WWII forget for a brief moment that they were far away from home or perhaps remind them that the all American next door girl was waiting for their safe return. Though the 1940s was the era that popularised the pin-up look, its origins can be traced back to the 19th Century when actresses, pinned their photographs to the walls of theatres as a form of advertisement(...) Rita Hayworth in the picture on the left💋 #pinupgirl #vintageinspired #vintagehairstyle #valentino #maxmara #wittchenshoes #wittchen #vintageblogger #ritahayworth
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