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  • crossfit_asapNatalie doesn't like Wallballs.. So of course we challenged her to do them everyday after class. She started at 20 and added 1 one each day for a month and worked up to 50! Stay committed and work towards your goals even if you despise the process! #crossfit #crossfitasap #wallballs #hatred #goals #commitment

  • dauntless_motivatorBrilliant! Best one so far!
  • nataliefsfI really appreciated all the support From my fellow 5amers who joined me throughout the process and especially Siobhan who did 50 with me pregnant!!! 50 unbroken wallballs seemed an impossible challenge when I started. Thanks Anthony and Tyler for all your encouragement! Most importantly Thanks to my better half Sean for all of his love and support. He definitely helps me be my best version! #impossiblegoalsaccomplished #wallballloveaffair
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