• hangar1vodkaDouble tap if your day off looks a lot like this. #PresidentsDay #Hangar1Vodka

  • shoploreleiL...O...V...E.. My hangar one. But I miss my red raspberry vodka too much :'(
  • hangar1vodka@shoplorelei we're working on new infusions that will rollout in the coming year. Stay tuned for more updates, cheers!
  • shellcxa😊
  • shoplorelei@hangar1vodka besides your superior product, your responsiveness is second to none. Thank you. Can you tell me if raspberry will be one of the flavors you are rolling out? Thank you
  • junctioncreativestudioWish it had!
  • hangar1vodka@shoplorelei glad to help! We're in the process of finalizing our production plan as it's very dependent upon seasonality since we harvest fruits at their peak. Should know more in the coming months. Stay tuned!
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