This Thursday. 
#deusex #mankinddivided #acriminalpast
  • deusexThis Thursday.
    #deusex #mankinddivided #acriminalpast

  • diski_diEek! I need to finish the one with Pritchard quick before I dig into the next DLC.
  • 323k131.exe???
  • moises1ifyI need to do the other stories
  • astewir_Can I ask? Will it be buyable as an individual DLC or only aviable through season pass?
  • porri87Ouyeeeeah😎 i am wait that DLC strory, because i play other dlc strorys the end and full game story ya😎. A Criminal Past DLC strory need original Deus Ex Mankind Divided game on the steam😊
  • sagarvaish1911007Badass Punk Adam Jensen.. Son Of A Gun
  • deusex@astewir_ It'll be available individually!
  • isaac.webb1That so good gj @deusex
  • _true_grit_Are you guys working on the sequel? I heard rumors that you're developing the sequel! I can't wait for the sequel to Mankind Divided!
  • bonese69This game is just absolute brilliance....and has a character with my surname too 😊😉
  • ghost_of_metalAdam😘😘😘😘
  • gameplaynostalgia@deusex it s last dlc?:?)))
  • out4spaceStill waiting for GotY Edition... this seasonpass/dlc madness, I don't support it nor do am I fond of it at all.
  • demolom💃 yaaaaassss
  • alec_suitupReally excited to see the last piece of Deus Ex you guys will give us. Hope corporate Square Enix changes their mind on Deus ex. You guys deserve alot more praise, will buy this on release for sure
  • smashgod_saadHow much?
  • andreev4051Goodbye deusex, I'll miss you.
  • miaosman1Fkin love this ❤
  • mrfrenchbodianHow much is it ?
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