Hi loves from Vegas again!! πŸ’– No we didn't get married however we went to a wedding 😊 always sending love πŸ’•
  • realamberlportwood1__Hi loves from Vegas again!! πŸ’– No we didn't get married however we went to a wedding 😊 always sending love πŸ’•
  • rachael23xhes such a leach
  • matimckLooking good guyz!
  • lani_kasey_You guys look great together! @realamberlportwood1__
  • malika1202@realamberlportwood1__ U are so much better than this guy! He is so creepy! I'm sorry. Wishing u all the best. Look how far you have come w/out him. Don't let him steal ur shine love! Xo
  • lexie.b253I love you guys together! I don't care what anybody says, he loves you so much! You guys have the sweetest relationship!
  • dreamermule13@rachael23x i dont c that. Amber needs a lot of support emotionally and Matt gives that to her. Guys her age would not support her like he does. He is patient with her and is so involved with leah. I see how it looks bc of how they met but i dont think hes using her or a leach
  • sunbunny68Awwww Vegas ! My home !
  • alehhandra__@realamberlportwood1__ LOVE YOU GUYS !😘
  • kempcaleb123@dreamermule13 u do know that matt cheated on her right how is that supporting her it's not he's a fucking bum
  • kempcaleb123@lexie.b253 he cheated
  • lexie.b253@kempcaleb123 how do you know? Do you know him ?
  • dreamermule13@kempcaleb123 who the hell are u dude? Fall back. I didn't come for u, dont come for me
  • kempcaleb123@dreamermule13 I wasn't no disrespect to u I just don't like when guys take advantage of girls that r trying to better them self's and it's all over the internet that he cheated on amber there r texts from his cell phone to some girl
  • kempcaleb123@lexie.b253 no but it's all over the internet a girl released text massages he was sending and it was confirmed to be coming from his phone
  • dreamermule13@kempcaleb123 ok i apologize, fair enough
  • rickilm146Amber please just be cautious getting to the alter. You're a smart girl and you know deep down what you need to do. If things are happening before you get married it's only going to get worse after. Good luck,
  • rickilm146You've worked so hard, please don't let people in for the wrong reasons. πŸ’›πŸŒΊ
  • mitzi.rMatt is awesome
  • signoftheharoldYou look JUST mf LIKE Etta james
  • tolle_86Amber, I think you are an amazing person who has come a long way in life...but I honestly think that you are too good for Matt..i mean I have watched almost every episode that he has been in and he always has that dumb founded look in his face. Like he can't stand the show or the people around you!! But I wish you the best girl in whatever you do!!
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