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  • joannathangiahAlways lose a bunch of followers whenever I draw lactating boobies😂 I love everyone that supports me but I'm not going to change my work just because it makes some people uncomfortable. #sorrynotsorry we all have free will, instead of whining to me how uncomfortable I make you why don't you just, I don't know, look away? Like how entitled are some people? Assuming that I make art just for them. This is my self expression it's all about me and my experiences. If you want safe and pretty go to a wallpaper shop, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to serve you 💖💖💖 #feminist #feministrant #passiveaggressivebitch #art #fatty #notaboutyou #bye

  • stef_wittIt's not bad enough for me to unfollow (because I love your art), but it does set of my trypophobia a little. They might just be people who struggle with that...?
  • insurgiiSome of us are just born to be the outlier variables, but it's also an important role to push the "averages" and stoke the fires of progress. It can be a lonely path at times, since they are many and outliers are few, but the ones you meet will be the most meaningful experiences, like an oasis after miles of desert. Love what you do, love what you represent, and will never be offended by your work 💕 Put me in for permanent fan 😆
  • nattymo_Love you for always being authentic and fearless💕
  • ___renesmee___You're the best
  • vickymcd1990You art is powerful and doesn't apologise. I love it ❤️
  • quietpeaceyou're wonderful 😁💞
  • tessaintrumplandiaLove you! Fuck them! I feel like that drawing is me lol thanks for making it
  • mamatooth666Nursing my baby as I see this. Fuck yes! 💦💗💪🏼
  • jennytepaniTotally agree, wallpaper is safe and boring lol I love the fresh air your art gives 👌😆
  • femmeraeKeep doing what you do because WE LOVE IT!
  • elementarymydeargood riddance, if folks can't stand artful images of such a natural phenomenon, be gone! the ones still here love it!!!
  • rosenbonesLactating boobies are so awful, cause you know they feed babies 🙄🙄🙄🙄people suck BUT I LOVE YOY
  • marxnchilllol I love all that you do 💕👊🏻
  • jjohns225WAIT. You're not making this art specifically for my approval!? Well, shit.
  • shibainukidYeah, no need to change yourself for someone's else will, then they will say you lost your individuality we are not gonna follow you. Better they unfollow now then if they gonna do that sooner or later. I think you are great and openminded person and we love your art, it's spreading love, self love and acceptance
  • last_name_troubleYou go girl. More power to you. 💖
  • invalidpancake::eating bowl of cereal with cow milk:: OMG EW a drawing of milk from where it comes from!!1! ::slurp:: REPORTED
  • the_feeding_of_the_fox🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • seamstressfortheband1969Yes queen!
  • curvystreetsI love these pics and all of your art!@joannathangiah !
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