• angie_fitness_rouxPost Base Fit workout selfie 💪🏻 Feel strong and energized after trying out one of the workouts out of my new HIIT workout regime. Pasting it below if anyone wants to give it a go; if you do, let me know what you think. Any questions, pop me a DM. "Kick your ass"
    *Start with group 1 and rotate between the 3 exercises - before starting group 2 do a set of skipping and mountain climbers combo*
    Group 1: Complete this round 5 times •Battle rope Russian twists (per side) - 30 •Sumo squat front raise with plate - 30 •Ground and pound burpee - 30 --Skip (30 sec) into V-ups (30 sec)-- Group 2: Complete this round 5 times. • Reverse lunge hammer curls - 30
    •Hanging hip raises with Swiss ball - 30
    •Mountain rollers - 30

    Be sure to hydrate the whole way through 💦 and end your workout off with a meal high in protein to feed those muscles!
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