• karebearsk8Thank you everyone for all your much needed support this week! I can't stress how much it all means to me! I do, however, wish that I was able to perform better than I did, but I did my best with the situation I was in put in regarding my right foot and boot problems. Either way, I will most definitely continue to keep pushing forwards and fight! Love you guys! 😘💖💪🏻 #Fighting
    🖌: @yzcnfxyz

  • ellenquercy_panHopefully those problems would be addressed soon!👌Take it as a learning experience and get up from the falls! Look forward to seeing a better you in future! Always love you and your skating! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🌻💖 (p.s. love this pic👸🏻🐼😍)
  • 123.ycGo Karen加油👊👊不管成績如何永遠支持妳!!!!👌👌👊👊
  • dollydooosUgh I hate boot problems. You'd think by now boots would be built better.
  • madforskatingLove you Karen! Don't worry, we're all with you!
  • _kimhongwoonGo Karren! You can do it in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics!
  • shuhan_chen2002加油加油,支持你❤相信未来的你会更棒!
  • ningtwYou are great Karen!! We believe you can be yourself and do the best!相信妳會越來越棒的, 加油!!ヽ(^。^)ノ✨✨ Also, the pic is so cute~ 😍
  • portiarenWish you luckkkkk Karen! enjoy the games!
  • lois0602loisFighting Karen!!!!Love you😘😘. 會一直支持妳的,妳很棒😘😘加油^ _ ^. From HK^^
  • winterinany❤️
  • queenyuna_love👍💕Love Karen💕👍
  • yzcnfxyz♡ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃♡越來越喜歡Karen了
  • leeyitseKaren 加油!!!!
  • official_kellengreat job karen!! miss u so much :((((((?
  • wldls317Hello karen:) I hope you could read my comment! I saw your performance in us nationals and it was heartbreaking:) I think you have power to move someone's feelings. I hope you improve more and someday or maybe next year be the olympic champian! actually, I'm gonna go pyengchang to see olympic free skating next year, and I am going to cheer for you and graice gold! lots of love from Korea:)
  • laura_kohaiI'm rooting for you Karen! 💙💜💛
  • laylaoniceKeep being you.
  • madiiceskater90166Would ❤️ love to be your friend I watch your national video every morning even when I go skateing at night too plz request me as friend #1 fan
  • thisgirlsk8sLOVE U!!!!!!!!
  • halapapaiamdsk😃😃😃
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