well today was a mad ting! But lovely meeting you all! #lmfw
  • dinatokiowell today was a mad ting! But lovely meeting you all! #lmfw

  • 3s_studios❤❤❤
  • moriom.zLove your style soo quirky @dinatokio I really admire how you try different things and not the usual dress with leggings or black jeans and long shirt. You're showing us that we can dress like this too. Thank you! 😃😄😙
  • jumanah_mogajiDina to be honest with you i am really upset with you you,you have been exposing your hair and neck which you don't exposed. I am not aware of what might happened to you but honestly speaking i am really disappionted.
  • zainabx_xoI love ur vids and ur passion in make up #role model 💃
  • zallibhaiThe shoes 😳💕
  • ikrxahmed@aneesa_r @ayshar_1
  • kathar18@dinatokio love the outfit and loved meeting you even more!
  • glamhijabiheavenCheck my profile
  • fatma_bint_mahmoud@jumanah_mogaji do it privately please..
  • fatma_bint_mahmoud@foufa_1809 yet you are not wearing any? 🤐
  • foufa.rita@fatma_bint_mahmoud i would rather wear no hidjab than wearing an incomplete one
  • fatma_bint_mahmoud@foufa_1809 thats your opinion, regardless how one is wearing it or not wearing it, we should 1) advice them privately not attack them 2) pray for their guidance and ours too.
  • lovingh.eSO CUTE
  • rasul_khan84Nice xx
  • nefnuf😊
  • serenitylove92Omg you look absolutely gorgeous
  • k123_c@foufa_1809 your were not rude at all however I don't think dina gives a cRap and in fact she thrives off these hijab comments and shows more hair so don't bother sis
  • marci.moore99Looking fab as usual Dina. I love your style. Just keep being you. I do wish that people would stop all the judgements in regards to the hijab and how its worn. Allah is our only judge. And we will all be judged individually by Him. So please stop with all the judgements.
  • joods_boutiqueLove the colours😍
  • akayy123u have no shame like what r u trying to show to the Muslim girls that oh forget Islam and start fashion like .... r u gonna take fashion with u on the day of qiyamah we Muslim girls r suppose to cover our bodies and first of all not wearing tight clothes we should only wear a abaya and a scarf that what we're suppose to wear
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