• sarahfitToday I went to @barrysbootcamp which is becoming my favorite little weekend ass kicking and wore a crop top 😲 now, I never would have worn one in the past but despite putting on a few pounds, I've been feeling super confident & strong lately. I honestly feel like a superhero at times when I look at Tommy and what my body accomplished. I've never been the girl in class to rock just her sports bra but Barry's get wicked hot and I thought, why not, this top is super cute and I want to wear it. I used to care too much about what other people would think, "Is she showing off? She should lose a few lbs before she wears that" etc... but ya know what? I just don't care anymore. I wasn't self conscious once I was in the red room and I liked how my outfit looked. I worked extra hard thanks to the cookie dough energy from last nights dinner, too (check out my stories!!!) So this week, I challenge you to do something out of your ordinary, take a class that scares you, rock out in your sports bra or even try the weird vegetable that's on sale. Be confident. Love your body no matter your journey because it truly is remarkable what it can do. And lastly, stop caring about what other people think because you'd be surprised at how little they do. You be you.
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  • sarahfit@linseyontherun you do you 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • sarahfit@sheacolleeen happy to hear 😘
  • sarahfit@empoweredbymeg thank you!!
  • catherineann_sLove this Sarah! @sarahfit
  • wave.happyYou go girl!
  • ki802Love it!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • jcbosworthLove this!!
  • wherethewellthingsareYes!!! Such an important message. And it really is so funny when you finally realize that no one cares half as much as we think, everyone's too busy worrying about themselves!
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  • packagingmamaVery well said! After a baby it's amazing how much our bodies can accomplish. I love to be me and don't care what people think. Thank you for the inspiration.
  • hashtag.swatiMore power to you Sarah! We need more women who think like you and less with the limiting beliefs that have been drilled in them since childhood.
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  • xtendbarrenewburyYES! Love it ❤
  • meghananne8I saw you leaving as I was waiting for the 1215 class and you look Amazing!
  • sarahfit@meghananne8 thank you!! 😊
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  • shellzstylezVery cool :)
  • hybridhannaHey @sarahfit did u post that workout app info yet?
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