• amandamariefitt🤘🏽There is no special plan, no secret workout, no wrap, pill, or shake that will magically transform your body. It will always come down to 1. Nutrition and 2. Exercise. •

    Nutrition means the appropriate amount of calories for your body and your goals. It does not mean insanely low calorie crash diets or copy & paste meal plans. Spoiler: 1,200 is too low and will eff your metabolic function. Spend time researching TDEE/RMR. Calculate your numbers and put yourself in a safe and healthy calorie deficit if your goal is fat loss. Don't just focus on calories. How you get your calories matters... that means understanding proper carb, protein, and fat ratios. •

    Exercise means at least 30 minutes of activity daily. Ideally, a balance of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. 👟🏋🏽‍♀️ You need both. Cross training is imperative to optimal body composition. Muscles need to be worked and bones must be strengthened (both through resistance training.) Your heart needs to remain healthy through cardio but not too much. ❤️ Overdoing cardio will not optimize health. •

    Unless you are a seasoned athlete, participate in endurance sports, or are seriously dedicated to your passion (powerlifting, marathons, etc) you do not need to focus on 'the smaller details.' First comes calories. Then macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats), then micronutrients (fiber, vitamins, minerals) then, finally, nutrient timing and supplements. Going in reverse (focusing on a shake or a pill or timing food) isn't necessary for the average person looking to shape up. There is no easy way. Popping a fat burner and wrapping yourself in plastic like a baked potato isn't going to work. Cutting food groups, labeling food as bad or good, panicking about organic v. conventional, stressing about intermittent fasting, or constantly swinging from diet to diet is a sure fire way to fail. 🐒 Stick with the basics! 👍🏽 •

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  • beastmodewarriorPreach it. Folks want instant gratification. Eat right no crash diets and hard work
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