Abby and I decided to hold hands forever. First, fiercely, and forever @abbywambach
  • glennondoylemeltonAbby and I decided to hold hands forever. First, fiercely, and forever @abbywambach

  • my_real_fake_lifeWoohoo
  • kmrsbishopMuch love & happiness to you both, and to your beautiful family. ❤️ LOVE WINS ❤️
  • phoebemariaI love this, I love your blog, and I'm supporting this so hard. I can feel the love radiating. ❤❤ Blessings to you both.
  • goffa95Congrats to you both! I wish you all the happiness.
  • ms_andrealaCongratulations. Your book has changed my life for the better and you deserve all of the happiness you can find in this messy world. Lots of luck to you both and thank you for being so brave.
  • smilemaker123456Congratulations best wishes to you both.
  • wiscomermaid@glennondoylemelton Haters gonna hate and #lovewarriors gonna rule!! So very happy for you both! Keep holding hands through thick and thin 💖💖 #lovewarrior #lovewins #
  • jenpastiloffMazel tov, sweet friend!
  • iammytruth@jenjfw wow! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • blueowlscribblesI hope with all my heart you have joy and beauty and peace ❤ love to you both!
  • elissa_altmanJesus. Why the hell am I always the last to know? 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻
  • jocelynmercer11@conniec26
  • lucky13ksc#lovewins
  • gwenfric79So sorry to learn this. I heard you speak at a convention once and it was truly inspiring. I even encouraged my young daughter to listen to you. Now I am regretting that. As a believer I am not perfect or blameless; I have my struggles like everyone else but I do not embrace them joyfully and wear them as a badge of honor. We are to overcome the world and not be of the world.
  • lilbirdyphotography❤ catching up since being in the redwoods and no wifi.... this by far is my favorite like ❤
  • the_wandering_pebbleI love God and I am so happy to see this union. You both seem so happy and true together. This is what God has intended. Love. True love, regardless of person. There is no place for judgement beyond true love. If we knew that in our hearts, we'd all be healed of our sorrow.
  • the_wandering_pebbleCongratulations
  • ash.larabyLove love love this, soooo happy for you guys, you two are my favorite
  • hannahkaykeon@eksager maybe not but it seems like it
  • hillieb@ericabrooke87
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