nothing says sexy like clinical depression
  • nachosarahnothing says sexy like clinical depression

  • tawmnFishnets create hard feelings.
  • garythefiremanTake 2 Zoloft, 1 Xanax, and 1 Valium, and fuck your mailman. Shit it's Sunday. I have to rethink this
  • seran72Feel better soon 🌱🌸🐛🦋💙
  • inendlessblueif that was true, i'd be irresistible
  • djtimtonesThose Chuck Taylors are serious
  • chrisgojaI like the bamboo. 😊 Not sure what helps depression, but reading assholery comments here likely doesn't.
  • allenhareMy first wife had Clinical Depression. It was the best sex ever.
  • jstolle5150You keep talking dirty like that and I'll have to put on my white knight armor.
  • s0urcr0uchAnd those big ass boots!
  • weztexCould you at least get a new iPhone and get rid of that damn case!!!
  • bigephraim50 shades of ginger
  • scullyspiceDamn wish I looked like that
  • triggereffectI just wish those simpletons at 'Low Rider Magazine' had given Sylvia Plath one cover.
  • manicoloS'just a bout of seasonal mania
  • bojanbajec:)))
  • mad.river.vtNow if you're tired or a bit run down
    Can't seem to getcha feet off the ground
    Maybe you oughta try a little bit of L.S.D.
  • ewdolan🤔
  • jimiola12Holy shit do you and Rose Leslie look alike
  • vanmeterdriveMaybe you are on to something, I prefer the exuberance of bipolar hypomania in my ladies, but coming up with excuses to avoid the trough is exhausting #DSMjokes
  • tyghtyI like your hair, you look really put together...
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