• babesquad666"Before I transferred to art school, I was doing urban studies and urban planning, and I remember being so fascinated by all that because it was like, 'Wait, somebody is thinking about the width of the sidewalk and how big each concrete slab is between seams and how much load it can bear and how far down the pipes need to be…?' Like, all of these insanely minute details that, if you aren’t in the business of noticing them, you never would. But somebody thinks about all of those things...Years of academia and research and brain trust came together to deliver you that slab of sidewalk. That’s fascinating, you know? I think that is a parallel, for me, to bartending." The babely Mark Schettler on the invisible infrastructure he sees in the world and creates as he tends bar. #invisibleworld #nowyouseeit #nowyoudont #allforyou #babesquad

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