• semiskimmedmin🏡

  • asi_naveedSimple and cute.😊 ❤
  • lisaellenartWell done this is awesome :D
  • ayda_1941The way you do art is always so elegant yet simple
  • lilym_20I absolutely love your drawing style. So uniquely stunning
  • _berbils_There's something about your lineart that I just love.
  • kiarasstudioSuch a perfect little house drawing 😻
  • tonydoesartAmazing! I love how clean the line work is, can't wait to see ur next post
  • somniaLovely!
  • stoicdualityahh, the way your lineart is so neat and rough at the same time got me wanting to do more inking in the future
  • bergangaAwe cute hah <3
  • spooky_norahI've just binged your entire 30 ways videos and have been so inspired, ive started my own! Your voice is therapeutic and relaxing, your videos are well filmed, lit, and original. I LOVE that you don't ramble on just for the sake of talking. I literally can't name another YouTube who does that. Just. Ahh such top quality. Thank you very, very much
  • uninacor.n@tungietong
  • gabidoodledooI've been following you on YouTube and NOW I finally found your instagram account. ❤️❤️❤️
  • vilcudvery nice
  • tay.cooperUm hello I found your youtube channel today and I just wanted to say thank you! Your advice and "30 ways to fill a sketch book" series is what I needed to hear! I'm so inspired!!💚💚💚
  • jsuartchickLove the simplicity 😍
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