Where is the sunny San Diego weather?
  • drmichaelbrownWhere is the sunny San Diego weather?

  • scottyvolkIt's sunny here in Seattle where it's usually cloudy...hmmm - maybe you should be traveling with me!
  • ierikahernandezNo today! Windy & rain is the forecast for us 🌧☁️🌫🌪
  • capture.me.beautifulIn Kansas City!!
  • kingy_razek78It's thunder storm in Sydney too! But it's still Hot! ⛈🌦
  • hardscoop@drmichaelbrown i had never even heard of you before, went to put baby to bed, and when i came back a video was playing of you.
  • hardscoopI was astounded by how knowledgable and articulate you were, while retaining your dignity composure in a debate that could have gone otherwise. Mostly though your message was a great faith builder. Just wanted to say thanks from South Africa, and keep up the good work
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