• thebalancedblondeYesterday I talked morning rituals with the girls of @soretrograde, so this morning I thought I'd share mine with you:
    + laaarge Bulletproof coffee w/ keto kreme, brain octane oil, @vitalproteins vanilla collagen peptides, & a dash of almond milk
    + slow stretches on my yoga mat and a long-ass downward dog.. usually for at least 10 minutes
    + snuggles & convos with @huddythekitten, bc at this point we all know I talk to my cat, a lot 🐱
    + journal my intentions for the day. today it's a lot of writing & organizing my thoughts
    + soon I'm going to re-read the artist's way, per suggestion from the @soretrograde girls
    + that's about it! I also do some ayurvedic stuff like tongue brushing and body oils 🤗 happy to write a full blog post on this if anyone is interested! happy fridayyyy! #tbbmademedoit

  • miss_whiskLooks like the perfect start to the day!
  • erinintheboardroomI'm super interested! Please share ☀️
  • _comfortkThis looks delicious
  • beautifulfootenotesWould love to read a blog post about this, sounds interesting and inspiring!
  • dadaeatsInterested interested heyyyy 👋🏻👋🏻🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽
  • shapinupDef am interested to hear more! I have a similar routine but replace your cat chats with my dog talk😂🐶
  • triciakopecyes please! a blog would be amazing
  • ffitaffdef interested ✨
  • dreraps3Love me some Keto Kreme☕️❤
  • buitwinsWe'd be willing to say that this is the best post of the day 👏👏
  • birdieandjackSounds like an amazing day! I have to start journaling!
  • menoscanadaAmazing! 👍
  • trainwiththaddeus👦👧👩👨👶👵👴👽 word up
  • erinlindsaydYes to an Ayurvedic post please!
  • serenanardiShould I or should I not buy the brain octane oil??please give me some feedback, I'm sooo uncertain 🙈😂
  • macy_zimHave you seen.noticeable differences since using KETO?
  • thebalancedblondeHuge diff @macy_zim!! Brain alertness, muscle tone, fat loss, all of it. Totally obsessed
  • thebalancedblondeYou absolutely should @serenanardi. Brain octane is a game changer!!!
  • macy_zim@thebalancedblonde I'm about to get some! Recommendations for which flavor to get?
  • thebalancedblonde@macy_zim amazing use my thebalancedblonde code!!! Love Maui punch and chocolate the best!
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