• hiddenartlondonReactions now to Kindertransport 1938-1939. Jewish museum, London. The Holocaust Gallery tells the story of the Kindertransport. Between December 1938 and September 1939 nearly 10,000 Jewish refugee children were admitted to Britain. They were mostly from Germany and Austria but also czechoslovakia. The children usually left by night from suburban railway stations taking the train to Holland , a ferry to Harwich and finally arriving in Liverpool Street station, london. Money was raised by Jewish and Christian organisations such as the Quakers. Many of the children never saw their families again. Here you can see post it notes of today's children with what they would pack. Such as. iPhone- can't be without - ballet shoes, can't be without dance- photo of family - can't be without family. Another one: my pet/cat, my family, my diary! #kindertransport #holocaust #refugees#jewishrefugees #jewishmuseumlondon @jewishmuseumldn

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