• alexandraroxoMoon in Scorpio brings the rushing waters and deep feels! Literally flood warnings in LA which work well with day 27 of cycle meaning I am a raging storm...Thank Goddess Lilith moved from Scorpio into Sag (Which @galadarling alerted me of!) cause we could be drowning in even more intense waters. I love what @ameliaquint said for @thehoodwitch: "If Neptune is a strong drink, then Lilith is a hallucinogen." 🤘🏼(No wonder I get her! 😉)
    I had a man look at me the other day and say "I get it! You're Lilith!" I was like "Yes. If you mean she was the original woman who wouldn't bow down to Adam and was a powerful sexy Snake Priestess who stood up for herself." She really got a bad rep due to Christianity, but truly she just refused to subordinate herself to Adam and when she stood up for herself she was thrown out of Eden. Of course this is a monotheistic mythology to explain creation, but her energy is not myth! I get into some of this--- just a little taste--- in my latest Numinous column. Link in bio 👆🏽. For a deeper look come to my Holy F*ck workshop on 2.26! Link in my article. 🌊🌖🔥🦂🐍
    Painting of me (jk but no really) by John Collier. My fave period of painting- the pre Raphaelites!

  • gabyherstik@alexandraroxo Aries!!
  • omfgitskalynnI love following your page because I learn so much! Apparently my Lilith placement is in Cancer? Sort of makes sense. Must do more research. 🤓✨💕
  • alexandraroxo@omfgitskalynn yay! Yes check out more on @thehoodwitch too- great horoscopes - also see what house yours is in! Will tell a lot!
  • christinalanaeSOO INTERESTING🔥🔥✨✨ @alepalmaaaa
  • starsignstyleI have True Lilith exactly conjunct my Midheaven in Pisces! 🦄
  • archerloveHe sounds like a keeper
  • beingoflight721ahhh yes! my moon is in scorpio and it's always a wild ride! yesterday i went to an event called "unwinding internalized misogyny" and it was listerally the best gathering i've been to in so long. so much release. so much realization. and doing it in the company of other women who were doing the same thing was so healing. and we ended the night by dancing with each other! all the feels
  • mr.regoziYou're on 🔥
  • settling.softly@briiannawelsh
  • kgcarlso@hardknockblythe more on this subject
  • alexandraroxo@starsignstyle 💗🐍🌊
  • alexandra.bromanMy cats name is Goddess lilith she is born with lilith moon and she is sooo much a lilith! I love that name <3 and im happy i found your page today, moon in scorpio and mars in aries, sun enter pisces. This day is a blessing itself <3 𓂀𓃠𓂀
  • alexandra.bromanAnd Alexandra is such a beautiful name :) @alexandraroxo
  • curlycarrotcakeDid you ever watch Desperate Romantics?? Fantastic miniseries on the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and their muses... plus, Aidan Turner 😍
  • galadarling@beingoflight721 That sounds SO GOOD!
  • alexandraroxo@archerlove 💗
  • alexandraroxo@beingoflight721 YES YES
  • alexandraroxo@alexandra.broman SO happy you found me too 😊
  • beingoflight721@galadarling ah it was!! it was exactly what i needed right now :)
  • nine.of.wands🖤
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