• janenyxWe were waiting for a table to be available at dinner and Scarlett somehow wandered and chanced upon this kiddy ride in the mall (it's her first time there!). I returned back to the restaurant to place our dinner orders and Adrian messaged to say he spent $1 on the kiddy ride. I usually discourage him from putting coins in, but I know he couldn't say no to this smile. Just look at how her eyes lit up and her smile so joyful being in the ride!
    Adrian also volunteered to put her to bed and take care of her if she wakes up from jet lag tonight.
    Baby girl, you are so very lucky to have this awesome superhero daddy!
    #scarlettyew #daddydaughter #awesomedad #superdad #sgbaby #kiddyride #daddylovesyou

  • llynnnieWelcome back! Let's meet up next week!
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