Climbing fences pantsless in leather-soled Mary Janes. My little 😍 #flyoverfarmstead
  • realfoodlizClimbing fences pantsless in leather-soled Mary Janes. My little 😍 #flyoverfarmstead

  • thrivingmoms_jordanhoefing@realfoodliz soft star shoes?
  • yourglutenfreebuddyCan I just tell you that I love that you don't show pics of your daughter's face on social media. It's something my husband and I decided to do as well. There's a lot of pressure out there to reveal everything in your life to the world, but we prefer to keep our private life, private
  • realfoodliz@thrivingmoms_jordanhoefing Bobux, but same concept! I'm so sad she's going to grow out of their most minimal shoes soon. She's in the biggest size
  • realfoodliz@yourglutenfreebuddy that means a lot to hear from people who have made the same decisions. It's bad for business in some ways im sure but the best choice for our family 😉
  • elosquirrelSo sweet! I miss those days (although my 6 and 11 year old frequently do gymnastics in their undies... it's just not as cute) ;)
  • tgray_margaretSoftstarshoes are where it's at for minimal shoes (kids and adults). @realfoodliz They are so awesome to work with (they make custom shoes for my daughter who had a disability) and are in Oregon
  • themusclemavenHey @realfoodliz, I'd love to chat with you about an article for Paleo Magazine - if you're interested I'd love to connect via email!
  • almcd.tweatstuffLove ❤️ your photos of the wee one that showcase the moments of her childhood without revealing who she is. She is your treasure and will be out on her own in the world soon enough
  • megan___garcia👌🏼👯💗
  • realfoodliz@tgray_margaret awesome! These are like thin leather socks but in shoe form which is why I've loved them since she was an infant. But I will need to move on soon and will check out Soft Star for sure!
  • wish.i.was.a.unicornSo sweet! My little one wore Hanna Anderson slippers as shoes for long time because they have a soft suede bottom, are machine washable and double as socks. They come in all sizes too!
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