• nbcnewsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau walks between the concrete slabs of the Holocaust memorial after a wreath laying ceremony Friday. Canadian leader @justinpjtrudeau is on his first official visit to Germany.
    (📷 @markus__schreiber / @ap.images) #🇨🇦 #🇩🇪

  • christinaciminelloCan Canada absorb America? Love this man
  • joe2616I wish he was my president. From the U.S.A
  • degas84Can you imagine Trump doing this???? He'd say this was fake news.
  • sonny.lindaguyHow refreshing it is to have an Administration & President that's very popular in Israel and friends of Netanyahu -Kind of nice Trumps daughter is also of the Jewish Faith- times are changing
  • tadeulopes@daviid.guillaume @malory.bl ich hab gedacht Fotos waren verboten 🚫 da
  • eubank_perfect@christinaciminello Canada doesn't allow illegal immigrants (anyone not born in or undocumented) in their country, or convicted felons. So no. But you could go there LEGALLY. They have a website to apply. 🚶🏃
  • beckyjay6909@mammmms hahahaha that spicey #snl
  • louisecoliver@saoliver1
  • evon_latrail@nbcnews @nbc Keep up with my latest interviews on the hottest celebrities stepping on the scene
  • ahmad.nakhaee.1950Surprisingly Islamic government calls holocaust a false event
  • softuchMaybe he could tell America's Trump supporters that he knows the holocaust was real and ask Trump what he thinks. That should make for an interesting moment, oh yea do it on camera.
  • reereesays@nbcnews Tell me the truth the whole truth And Nothing but the Truth 🙏🏻 Especially about President Trump, 🤴🏼👏🇺🇸♥️his administration, his Family and his Supporters. We come in all colors and from all over this country. The whole map of America was Red! The only blue parts were in the areas with lots of illegals. 🤔💁🏼
  • hairbykeifferThis is nice :)
  • ohmelik_Still waiting for him to take off his shirt.
  • raeyamaneCan we just have him for our president?!!
  • thebeatcamp😎
  • helenmoulandGlorious and free 🇨🇦 ❤️
  • ufoundrich😥
  • resultsbyangel🤓🤓
  • acwbostwickI thought the left doesn't believe the Holocaust ever happened? Isn't this why the Jews are being persecuted again all over Europe and the Middle East? Sick.
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