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  • realpeterockGood Morning ☕️#Repost @realdlhughley
    #Amen #TeamDl

  • scorpiane5Is he worse than bush? Worse start than arsenal against Bayern tho.
  • djevillincolnHow long did it take Fox News to figure this out?? Literally years. LITERALLY YEARS. Fucking idiots. All of them. @audiomoe
  • griffvelezOccupy democrats is a joke
  • michaelrx40Being a liar will come back and bit u in your ass period....
  • michaelrx40His days in the white house are number.....
  • funhousegirlsGood to see media starting to stand up to the bullshit, no matter who is cutting their check lol
  • beatsbydkFDT!!!
  • thajfactormovementIf FOX is calling out the president, you guys are in serious trouble.😨
  • _toyacocoWhoa too much happening where I am right now but you gotta stop posting FAKE NEWS PETE!! 😂😂😂 Trump is such a mess. I hope the fallout doesn't land over here in Canada lol
  • ss400hpHe learned it from watching Fox News #fakenews
  • aint_no_halfsteppinWho is this man
  • jammakeamegoodAmazing Report . 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂👀
  • iandidesigncoYo Fox Shepherd ain't for the bullshit at all!! Yo don't pull no punches. He be mad as fuck n still on the air!🙌😂😂😂
  • occultdaddyListening to mainstream news is propaganda..take a step back,If both sides with power hate him maybe its possible its a good thing for you. Fuck the news and both parties.. it's popular to hate Trump. News causes people to get emotional and have them group think instead of having your own opinion. Stay washed!💆
  • deborah.b1955Nothing has changed. He was a LIAR during the primary, pre-election right thru to his election. Many of hia supporters are ignorant and racist that believe anything they're told without any validation, verification or research to seek the truth. WHY?? Because they're voting with their hearts and not minds..to which there will be a heavy price to pay. We will ALWAYS survive regardless of who is President. Think about it.
  • realpeterock@_toyacoco dis shit aint fake baaahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂 he fake lmfao!! Thats the problem. He is clueless & racist and lies everyday hahahahaha🤥🤥🤥🤥
  • richartpinturaAll these folks on your tellliesvision. Seems silly how you guys defend these puppets and getting political. One mayor skeme. Skip the circus and #reprogramm
  • realpeterock@richartpintura unbelievable how someone comes out and defends. I get it,they are looking for attention 😂
  • _toyacoco@realpeterock hahaha!! Seriously tho. all we do is laugh at this point. But work has gotta get done to get him out!!
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