It is Friday night here in the Philippines and this weekend we make our official move to the northern part of Luzon - the next step to getting into our new village home. Danny picked up our car today - it was getting a lot of work done on it, and in the early hours of the morning he will start a 12 hour drive up to our mission's base. The kids and I will fly up to meet him there, God willing, the next day. 
I would really appreciate your prayers for Danny as he makes this drive tomorrow. We are not traveling in the car with him as it is packed full with lots of things we are bringing up there and also Izzy gets very car sick and a 12 hour drive would be horrible for her and Judah. 
We will be so glad to all make it to the next stage and to start getting to know a new town which will become our support base. 
Little bit excited....little bit nervous.
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