• the_suzlyfeParis is always a good idea. So is French onion soup. Make it high protein, @whole30 compliant, and in the slow cooker, and you might just have your new favorite recipe. Get the details on the blog! What is your favorite classic soup?

  • running_onhappyYou know I love French onion soup!
  • sara_eatscleanMy favorite soup is always chicken broccoli. But I love a good whole30 compliant soup :)
  • thefitnanaI love French onion soup. This must be made!!!
  • coachdebbierunsFrench onion soup in Paris would be the best!
  • joyfoodsunshineI'm a sucker for chicken noodle!!
  • marathonmom28My hubby love French onion soup, I'll have to try this
  • runswithpugsI love a good French onion soup! I have never tried to make it!
  • mcmmamaThe last time I made French onion soup I went into labor LOL!
  • kaylabee0418I LOVE French onion soup. My hubby HATES onions, so I'm only allowed to have it when I'm home alone. Which is tonight. I think I found dinner!
  • positivelyamandaFrench onion soup is my favorite!! ☺
  • beauty.in.christIt's so simple, and it sounds really comforting.
  • fitfulfocusI love French onion!!
  • checkingincheckingoutgreat
  • runningontheflyTotal yum....too bad it's almost too warm for soup LOL😊
  • deborahbrooks14Slow cooker soups are the best!
  • frenchonionsoupguyWhere's the cheese??
  • ilkasblogMy husband's would love that soup!!
  • wendyistakingthelongwayhomeThat looks good enough to eat!
  • allison_r_cookLove French onion soup
  • missittiebittieMy favorite is homemade chicken noodle soup, but I love all soups ❤️
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