The #SUPERtour merch is now in the PSB store! Pick up a #SUPER jacket and more @ #tshirt #mug #jacket #fashion #cap
  • petshopboysThe #SUPERtour merch is now in the PSB store! Pick up a #SUPER jacket and more @ #tshirt #mug #jacket #fashion #cap

  • kendrajmoonGreat Neil !!!
  • neillyboy66I'm gonna rob a bank
  • jakku2187Roll on tomorrow #Leeds #SUPERtour
  • katri6stoSuper!!!!! I have waited for these merch!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤👏👏👏
  • marlonoliveirav👏👏🙌
  • kunikoufuku628💖😊💖
  • evestar17Great😍❤
  • j_ullonAlthough #SUPER is not the best from PSB (by far) , I love the merch #fashion
  • smack00I have the circles shirt! Love it
  • francisenc@marielasantosj
  • rosielebontennantThe merchandise looks so cool! I especially want the T-Shirt with Neil/Chris's faces on it, the key ring and the tour book! As for the T-Shirt, I may have to wear it the wrong way round some days though, as it seems my prince Tennant is on the back of it! I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing, but anything so that I can kinda say that he's singing on my tummy. 😂😂😱😱😏😏😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💙💖💚💜❤️
  • sillyexoticpineappleMy dad has booked tickets to all of your shows comming up in the UK. He is probably your biggest fan, it would mean the world to us both if you commented back, if not thankyou for making my dad happy ❤
  • sillyexoticpineappleMy dad will have one of everything from each tour 😂😂
  • buattipsb1988I love pet Shop boys
  • enjoythesilence1970On our way to Leeds
  • enjoythesilence1970In Leeds can't wait
  • ruthn26@enjoythesilence1970 they were good weren't they
  • enjoythesilence1970@ruthn26 amazing just went too quickly - fantastic set list. Super is just an amazing album. Night to remember. How was your night?
  • ruthn26@enjoythesilence1970 they were superb. Such a good show and play so many of my favs old and new. Agree Super is great and gets better each time you hear it. There were some moans on various sites that people didn't like the set list, light too much and one person thought it was the worst of their concerts she'd seen! -mad!
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